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Importing HX5 Blackhawk for MP in own Mod?


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I made a few nice Missions. Nearly every mission has helicopters for insertion or extraction.

I know that the standard Helis dont work MP, because of this I tried to import the MP Blackhawk from HX5, without luck.

Guess I forget some files? Could anyone help me on this? :(

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Hi Daimaju

First of all make sure you have permission to use those files in another mod besides HX5. Try to Contact Hantrox.

If you succeed there, I can help out.

If you fail, I just so have my own MP Heli, you can use instead!




Always ask for permission to use other`s work

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Hey Tinker.

I dont want to release it, it´s just a "private" mod for me. Mybe, if the mod will be big/good enough one day and the rest is interested, I would release it - with permissions of all other modders of course...

So you have your own MP Heli? Just a question. Does this, or the HX Heli work as the SP Heli but just MP too? Or are those MP choppers buggy etc.? I dont know anything about them...

Would love to try your Heli out!

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