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Performance GeForce4

Ti 4600 GeForce4

Ti 4400 GeForce4

Ti 4200

with AGP 8X GeForce4

Ti 4200

Fill Rate

(Texels/sec) 4.8 Billion 4.4 Billion 4.0 Billion 4.0 Billion

Triangles/sec 136 Million 125 Million 113 Million 113 Million


bandwidth 10.4GB/sec 8.8GB/sec 8GB/sec up to 8GB/sec

AGP 4X 4X 8X 4X

from what ive read on a few tech sites there is a whole new batch of tuned gf4 cards coming out before the FX release , 4200 chips on 4600 boards with 8x agp plus msi has its own versions of golden sample or turbo boards IE 4800

all it means is they pre tune it for you gainward and a few other companies already sell tuned cards and it does get confusing for instance gainward sells a gf3 ti 500 golden sample that is actualy a ti200 on steroids, tho from what ive seen the price is usualy a lot higher than a standard card and they are a lot more touchy to o/c and recently gainward has had a lot of issues with its gf4ti4200 golden sample cards with bad capaciters the msi gf4 4800 is a 4200 tuned to 4600 levels with 8xagp and the 4800 se is a 4400 tuned the same, atleast thats what it says ona few forums not too much info on these new cards yet

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Hmmm...Never seen that one before. I checked out Nvidia.com and tried a search on "4800" and came up with nothing but a computer system called the "4800 Pro", so me thinks that it it a "tweaked" card, but does MSI or have the rights to call it a 4800, I mean you could probably just by a 4600 a OC it yourself and get the same results. It's just a rip off for people who don't know anything about FX cards. :blink: OR, a search on Google brought these results:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Hmmmm........ :blink:

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theres also a few other highbryds out there ti 4260 and other fancy numbers most are 4300 cards in various forms of tune and colourfull colours, the only one that realy seems to be a decent card is the albatron 4200p turbo


its a 4200 chip on a 4600 board with some tweaks and a great copper cooler

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i got the Albatron GF4 4200 Ti Turbo this Christmas, wow what a great card it is. i have it overclocked to 305/665 and it runs smooth as anything. the wife got it online for $289 canadian. for the price, the quality and the performance, it can't be beat.

Edit: i forgot it is also the 128mb card.http://www.technoyard.com/hardware/video_c...00p/page_1.html

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