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Need a Skinner/help at skinning...


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Hey guys,

I have no idea of skinning, but tried it anyway. Results were crap so I want to ask if someone has the time and energy to help me a bit? I want to create desert skins for KSK weapons (G36, G36k, G22 etc.)

I tried to put a transparent desert camo like a brush ober the weapon skin, but it looks terrible. How can I create desert skins like for the M4 SOPMOD - Mod?

Im using (trying to use...) PSP 7.0 if this helps...

A little information or help would be fantastic!



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I didn't look real hard for camo on KSK weapons (G36, G36k, G22 etc.) but I did run across this and thought it was pretty impressive.

camo patterns on FAL's



more about modeling but a few texturing references.

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