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GRAW2 Tech Support?

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I don't see a specific tech support thread but apologies if there is already.

Got the MP demo installed & I like what I see. w00t

However, my fps is dramatically worse than GRAW, 15 - 20 compared to 30 - 35. I don't have the best system:

Athlon XP3000

1 gig PC2700

BFG 7600GS 512mb

80 gb IDE HD

Onboard sound

XP Pro SP2

My system was optimised to get the best out of GRAW, it took me from low 20's to the 30 35 I get now. I'm not asking for major help here as within the next month I am going to:

Intel E6320 - Core 2 Duo 1.86mhz 4mb L2 cache

2 gig PC6400

BFG 8800GTS OC 320mb

250 gb SATA HD

Onboard sound

XP Pro SP2

But is there something simple that can make the demo playable for a few weeks?

I do the usual; close background apps etc but as there was so much talk of 2 being optimised I thought I would at least see the same fps, if not better.

Any suggestions appreciated, alternatively I'll sit back & wait for my new rig.


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