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Post your rig, settings & what FPS you get

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amd 64 3200

1024 ram

9800 pro(128)

low settings and i get 20 to 35 fps. a little too slow for me when i aim. i want an idea of what card to buy. im thinking of the 7600gs agp cause my psu wont handle much more(i think). i only have 13 amps but its a 400 watt psu. maybe i can run a 7600gt? and what fps should i expect on medium settings? i expect to build a whole new machine when dual core and dx10 cards are dirt cheap.

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i installed the newest ati drivers like the demo said i should have in the first place. much better, well its smoother and i can aim quickly. i didn't have fraps on. im satisfied on low and smooth with my 9800 pro. im still gonna get the 7600 gs. i should be able to up a few settings?

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1.5 GB DDR2 (2x 512, 2x 256)

Intel Duo 3.0

I get 30FPS or more. It hardly drops below that. Great performance. I didn't expect it to run this smooth. When I tried GRAW 1 I would get like 40 FPS but it would stutter a lot. This demo has not stuttered once.

EDIT: Oh, my settings are however the game picked them for me.

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AMD Opty 170 @2.250

2 gigs G-Skill

NV 8800 GTX

SB Audigy

24" Samsung SM

Playing at 16:10 1920x1200 with everything on high

50-60 average. Not too shabby at those resolutions. Runs very smooth.

P.S. If you want any credibility to this thread then you must post your resolutions.

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Athlon XP3000

1 gig PC2700

BFG 7600GS 512mb

XP Pro SP2

19" WS running at 1440 x 900

All settings are on low and I get between 12 - 16 on average when there's heavy action, 15 - 20 when it calms down a bit. Basically unplayable but I am making a major rig upgrade in the next month so I'm not to fussed about this at the moment.

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Opteron dual-core 939 @ 2.5GHz

2GB DDR500

7950GX2 -- Cores@550MHz & Mem@1.5GHz

XP-Pro 64-Bit


Resolution -- 1680x1050

I spend most of my time drifting between 50 and 55 f/s. It will sometimes dip as low as 45 and sometimes climb as high as 65.

I haven't done any tweaking yet, so I don't know how much better I can do, but I expected to do a little better than this.

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AMD 939/3500+

2 GB Dual Channel RAM

ATI X1950Pro 256bit/512MB RAM AGP video


Intergrated Sound on a Soltek MB

Res: 1280x1024

FRAPS: Range from 25 to 37 with everything at Max.

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