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Graw2PC MP Demo bugs

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Well, at least it looks like distant objects look better than they did in the beta SS's.

Wow Cangaroo. You have a good memory.

Exactly what are you looking at that indicates to you that distant views are better? Are you assuming from what you see here that distance views have been extended?

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Small installer bug...

At the end the installer checks your hardware and drivers... it showed my graphics driver as being incorrect but it's because the check program isn't putting the period in the correct location for my actual driver version. It doesn't stop anything from working but it might throw newbies off when they see a big red X mark next to graphics driver. I updated my nVidia driver last night when I installed the 8800GTS card...

Now that I have the game installed and ready... I have to do conference calls for work for the next four hours. :(

See you guys online after that. I'm now THREEPOINT, not 3Point.



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same happened to me.

I popped in a X1900GT today, and installed the latest drivers Catalyst 7.5 which was released only like a week ago.

It's probably because the 7.6 drivers will be out when the full game is out, maybe not

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I wouldn't think that scorch or burn marks would be a bug?! :blink:

He's talking about what looks like a wireframe WK, look closely at the 1st screeny, you can easily see lines that shouldn't be there on the rock.

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ALT-TABBING is usually not recommended in any game when playing fullscreen mode.

NOT in full screen mode I play WINDOWED MODE on a 1920x1200 desktop the window

is 1600x900. GRAW 1 never had this problem, but the Beta Graw2 did and the demo the same.

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I am downloading the demo now. Am I to understand that there is still a problem with the audio settings not saving on restart? I thought for sure that would be fixed after the beta. :huh:

It's not the only thing not sorted, if you have another bug, then post it.

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When played in a window, ALT-TAB out to desktop then click back in and you have a double cursor...


If you use only whql drivers this problem disapeers. Vista only.

It was doing it in the Betabut MS updated driver last week and seems fine now.

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Got empty server list, happened to me and a friend.

Worked after reboot or reinstall.

Sound option not saving at exit.

Problem when remapping controls. Weapon buttons not responding on Logi G5 after remap.

The game once froze, had to reboot to exit the game.

One crash:

Crash in application version: 29520.2404

Unhandled exception - access violation


wrap_oal (???) : alcCreateContext

Renderer: threaded

Physics : threaded

Thats about it after 2-3 hours play.


Vista Ultimate x32

Asus A8N SLI Deluxe

AMD Opteron Dualcore 180



Raptor 36GB

Audigy SE



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1. when assigning key presses the yellow selection bar covers the verbage to the left of assignment

2. mouse vertical speed is way to fast and can't seem to adjust; horizontal speed ok

3. if Enter key is used then can't terminate the chat line

4. map is laggy for me; maybe it's mouse lag

5. would be nice to have weapon zoom NOT toggable; meaning must hold a key down to zoom and release to unzoom

6. some sound issues - meaning most of the time the first time I fire any weapon there is no sound

7. walking is way to slow

8. some settings like EAX is not saved

9. installation didn't recognize my video card driver version

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When I try to start the game, this error message pops up "graw2.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link library dbghelp.dll". My OS is Windows 2000 SP4.

Isn't the Game XP and Vista only :unsure:

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ALT-TABBING is usually not recommended in any game when playing fullscreen mode.

And how long have you been gaming there ICKY.. :hmm:

How many times do I have to ALT out of Graw to change channels on the BDA Teamspeak channels...Let me tell ya :D

I just said it's not recommended ;)

I also on limited spawn servers like to check websites and forums while i'm dead.

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