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GRAW 2 PC preview and 19 new screens.

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Nice 1 WITCHER, i noticed two different sets of GHOSTS uniforms or rather color & patterns. If you have sufficient hardware, the graphics in the PC version are notably superior to the Xbox 360 version, makes a change, i actualy thought GRAW had good graphics anyway. No mention in the mini review of the sound in GRAW2.

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EDIT: Never mind.

Great detail on the characters, realistic looking mule... but only 5 different Ghosts? Ah well. We'll see how it all turns out.

and still no Swedish Blondes included...? Nah won't buy the game then..... :D

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Sheesh. Who'd have thunk GR.net would have been able to "slashdot" a website.

We do it to imageshack pages all the time, people USE GRNET for IMAGE HOSTING!

@ Bota:16, do you have a digg profile?

When they are back online someone start a new thread please.

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