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GRAW2 / GRAW1 - TuG Player Stats

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1.02 works great on php4


still messing with the css some though.

Also testing a few auto ftp... thinking i may do a batch command line ftp upload so i can script an auto delete on the server for the logs after uploading and set it on a 1/2 hour schedule.

If i get it done this weekend i'll post it on tug for you all to mess with.

Nice - we're actually working on a program/method to do the auto-ftp thing at the moment. :D

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Nice - we're actually working on a program/method to do the auto-ftp thing at the moment. :D

It’s basically a live method. We have a stand alone application which uses the windows API to detect file creation within a user’s specified location (e.g. graw logs of server). And on that detection a batch file is run, which ftp’s the new files (were leave the scripting of the batch file up to the user).

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This is a quick and dirty solution.

It will check for new files every 10 minutes.

It makes a local backup of the stas files in a timestaped directory and then deletes them from "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\logs\" after ftp is done.

You will need sleep.exe

And ftp.txt containing the ftphost user and password

Example of ftp.txt

open host
cd /grawstats/graw-xml-data/
mput *.xml
quit[/code] The ftp cmd file

@echo OFF
:: GRAW stats auto ftp by LARSA.vU
:: 2007-06-15

:: variables
set drive=C:\ftp_cmd\backup_stats\
set GRAWlogs=C:\"Program Files"\Ubisoft\"Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter"\logs\
FOR /F "tokens=1-5 delims=/, " %%i in ('date/t') DO SET YYYYMMDD=%%l%%k%%j
FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=:, " %%i in ('time/t') DO SET HHSS=%%i%%j
set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /k /y


if exist %GRAWlogs%*.xml goto sendfile

cd C:\ftp_cmd\
sleep 600

goto filecheck


cd %GRAWlogs%

ftp -d -s:C:\ftp_cmd\ftp.txt
cd C:\ftp_cmd\

echo ### Backing up directory...
%backupcmd% %grawlogs%*.xml %drive%\%YYYYMMDD%-%HHSS%
cd %grawlogs%

DEL *.xml
goto filecheck

Feel free to do anything you like with it.

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just been checking this out, very impressive stuff :thumbsup:

regarding the previous posts i was remembering back to the system that Enemy Offline had running for GR @ battlecamp.com

they were pulling stats from at least 5 servers and merging them in one database. The guys name eludes me, but someone will know who i mean from EO :wall: , it might be worth asking those guys to see how they did it, unless the format is completely different. (and if you were thinking of going down that route anyway).

That would be US! :)

Feel free to contact us... http://www.enemyoffline.com/

http://www.mknudsen.org/flash/stats_intro/intro.html (our stat-site intro)

Sadly http://stats.enemyoffline.com/ is not working anymore.

The stat system was created by Sniper and Diego from EO.

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