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GR modder turns Pro!

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Pretty much expected what company you aimed for judging from how you post...sort of agree with Lightspeed here hehe ;)

Just don't forget us T vs T MP players in future FPS game development ... :P

Cheers Peace

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Hmm... now will he be able to create free mods for a game he is helping to develop?

He can probably do anything he wants so long as he does it with his own assets and on his own time (not on company time while on company computers). The real question is would he want to anymore? after all, who works all day for something then goes home and does the same thing as a hobby?

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Thanx everyone. Just waiting to sight the papers soon. I got the handshake and the details about a week ago.

I should say here that not much that I've written in these forums during my stay with Grin has been based on facts or statements about my narrow knowledge of GRAW2. I've tried to be non-specific and post my own opinion on topics even if those may not be in line with the way the game evolved at that time. It's the best way to do things so you don't accidentally violate an NDA. ;)

My part has mainly been to help convert MP maps from the 360 version, so there has been quit e a few discussions here that I've taken part in, which that I didn't even know the actual answer to. So don't take anything I've written before as "promises" or "facts" about the game.

Having said that I guess you all understand that I'm gonna have to be even more careful about posting even my own opinion now that I'm employed. So expect me to be a little more quiet from now on, even though you'll still see me here a lot. :)

EDIT: I should add that I was away from Friday morning until now (late Sunday evening), without Internet access, which is why I haven't posted earlier.

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