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GR modder turns Pro!

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It is with great pleasure that I get to report the exciting news that another GR modder has turned pro. Many of you will recognize some of the projects he has been involved in:

NWN Mod:The Wyvern Crown of Cormyr, Infinite Dungeons

GR Mod: Swedish Force - FK&C v1.4.5 (incl. FB/SF Combo)

GR Work featured in: Gangland, Black Sun, Sabre Teams, Frostbite, SweBat 2005

Some of you will also know that he has been finishing up his 3D education. What most of you don't know is where he has been doing his intern work. For the past 6 months this modder has been working at GRIN. During his first internship he created many tutorials that helped modders with GRAW. During his second internship he has been working on map making for GRAW2.

Recently he was offered, and accepted, an offer to work full time with GRIN.

It is my pleasure to present you our newest GRIN member..............GRIN_Wolfsong! :clapping:

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I hope you are still able to contribute to these forums at the same level you have in the past.

I just wonder how many will go back and read his posts with a different perspective. :hmm:

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Yep, there's something about the way you answered posts that said, you had your head screwed on. Many congratulations on your new full time position with what seems to be a great set of software developers. May you enjoy each day (and get loads of free time to sample the Swedish beer industry), well done GRIN_Wolfsong (Erik) :thumbsup:

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Congrats Wolfsong.

Hopefully you will take the perspective of "server side / user controlled options" over "this way is best" as you progress though your career and help make GRiN Tac-sims the best around. And hopefully, you will not get relegated to the Console side of things (unless of course you make tac sims which use keyboards and mice on the PS3 as Sony has promised).

From a guy who has been in the video game industry for 10 years, I will offer you this single concept......

Beat deadlines. Becuase falling behind them can be very painful and take the joy out of an otherwise wonderful and fun field of work.

All the Best

Glenn "Sleepdoc" Kletzky


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