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Obsidian Edge 2 Update...


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The cry2 editor looks interesting, i saw a video of one of the developers using it, it looked amazing, i have never used any game editor, it was neat to see in the video how the guy just placed ai, props, trees, roads and drops straight into the action.

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For MP, I dont think any other game will compete with this.

Wow...I haven't stopped in here in over a year and I thought I'd come post a few pics quietly and leave, but Lightspeed beat me to it. So I'll just post a few select early in-game screenshots and leave. In spite of the fact that we are creating somethig very special, I'm not planning on posting updates here as it was clearly not appreciated last time around with OE1. :( If that has changed, please let me know as we would be happy to share with you what we are doing.

But in any case drop in at our site, as you might just be interested in what we are doing...then again, maybe not. Have a nice day. :)


These are in-game screenshots using the pre-Alpha CryEngine2 SDK.





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