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im sure more screens and stuff will be coming out soon.

Kinda glad i saved all the files.

And guys the normal mapping was a play on symantics. It is used in non real time CG to speed up the rendering process. Even though most of the maps are produced on the fly and stored for lighting calculations, they are also not commonly done in tangent space. Its just quicker and cheaper to fetch textures than geometry. I was hoping we would get some googling going on, but that is really my issue as you would have to read up on the tech papers. Real time rendering differs as they use pre calculated tangent space normal maps for the purpose of expressing higher detail. Off line uses world space, full detail maps for the purpose of reducing render time.

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Follow Up.

The first DX10 game announced

Back in September 2005, at the PDC Microsoft Conference, CryTek, developers of Far Cry, released a movie that showcased some of the capabilities of the Cry Engine 2 under DirectX 10 API: dynamic day/night cycle, fully interactive enviroments, sunrays and diffuse transmission, real time soft shadows, soft particles, interactive/destructrible enviroments, volumetric clouds, and advanced shader technology.

The game is named Crysis and will be shipping, as the first DX10 enabled game, in Q4 2006.

Download Crysis Official Tech Demo (Hi-Res) , Screenshots.


Some more info about the game.

The cry 2 engine supports dual core processors.

There are more effects (in terms of lighting I think) on a single tree than some other engines have for a whole game.

The aim/goal(?) of the cry2 engine is to have everything dynamically lit in real time, interactive and destroyable. The sun goes from east to west, clouds and gigantic rock formations throw their shadows properly over every piece of the jungle.

Amongst the cinematic tools there's a speed effect (motion blur?). Objects lose their contours in fast manouvres and only objects in the middle of the picture are focussed.

(Caption to picture of aircraft carrier with yellow vest guy) The cry 2 engine puts emphasis on details like the lettering on the rocket or the vest of the deck officer. The vertical jump jet in the background can navigate around all objects itself.

There are no perceptible level boundaries (mentioned in the context of aerial battles).

You can save freely.

Developers are guessing at only ten hours of playtime, the multiplayer component will be emphasised.

Beside normal deathmatch and team deathmatch is a mode that pits two teams tactically against each other. Artifacts from the middle of the map can be redeemed for new weapons, upgrades and vehicles at each team's base. Robbing the opposing team of an artifact makes them lose those skills.

Crytek unsure of a release date at the moment but guessing at 4th quarter 2006.

(Caption with the sunset) We mounted a silencer for the night deployment. Our compass appears to be broken however; the sun is going down in the north.

Long section which I skimmed over concerning comrades/killing them off, a molecular accelerator weapon, alien enemies, some strange hot/cold/ice dynamic that links in with your nano suit, and using that in combat/shockwaves striking aliens within a 50 metre radius. If people really want that cleared up I'll translate it properly if you ask.

It seems to say there aren't bosses in the game, but some enemies are so huge that you actually have to climb them to defeat them (sounds like a boss to me). Boots with magnetic soles assist you, the aliens are studded with metal (?).

You cannot command team mates, yet they will work together with each other in sieging positions.

Again, skimmed, but it seems some large calibre weapons are tied to your nano suit power and just a couple of shots may drain it.

No cutscenes, they want the player to experience story progression in normal game mode.

Aliens require sub zero temperatures, have a giant ice machine/snow canon which has transformed part of the island to make it inhabitable.

Nano suit keeps Jake (protagonist) hot or cold depending on area of island.

Something about American and Korean troops, I'm not sure if they're working together or opposed or what. Maybe that damn Kim Jong Il sent troops to assist the aliens.

While you can't influence the main story outcome, there are many variables along the way, for example Jake might have a romance with a pretty female soldier, to try and give high replayability.

Trying to make everything destroyable, Level Designer Sten Huebler is quite proud; "The times when a pathetic branch will stop your jeep are gone." Branches can be snapped off trees, plants trodden underfoot etc.

Through an easy menu you can mount silencers/telescopic sights/laser pointers.

Ah now thinks make sense, I've been reading this article backwards... A flying object crashes on an island that doesn't seem like a meteor. The North Koreans send their fleet to investigate. So does USA. I think forces are at first opposed till you find the aliens and then you work with the Koreans. Aliens using a giant ice canon to freeze the island as the need sub zero conditions to live.

The level they saw, air insertion, and from the apparently endless sky to the jungle below and the corral filled ocean there were no distracting loading times.

Start off investigating the flying object, dealing with korean patrols, scanning matter from the found object similar to in Condemned.

Minimum requirements, Cevat Yerli, director of Crytek says is a Shader 2.0 Graphics card. They (article authors) are assuming that you'll also need at least a 2.0Ghz CPU and 512 MB ram top play the title ok. To play at maximum settings you'll need a lot more power and CPUs with two cores are taken advantage of in Crysis. The programmers use a sophisticated load distribution system from the hyper threading chips, dual core processors, but also hybrids like the pentium extreme edition 840 and 955, or to profit from the planned processors with 4 cores in 2007. It's possible that crysis will be one of the first titles to support the coming direct X 10 and shader model 4.0. Suitable cards should appear in the second half of the year.

Looks amazing.


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If you are following this game, here is the first review from 1up.

Iup Preview

Backlighting: Leaves are translucent in real-life, but games like to pretend they're just static objects or flat-textures, thick as steel. Backlighting in Crysis allows shadows and light through the physical structures of light-permeable objects.

Caustics: Just a fancy name for improved light refraction. You remember your physics, right? The index of refraction was that annoyingly arbitrary number assigned to light-bending substances like plastic or glass or water. Light goes in at one angle and bends in another (ergo toys like the magical wonderful prism!). In Crysis caustics model the refraction of photons as they pass through surfaces like water and scatter on the sea floor, producing the wavy-glow effects you get in swimming pools or near shoreline through exceptionally clear water.

Sunrays: Quite possibly the coolest effect of all, sunrays model photons arriving from distant light sources, e.g. the sun! Put a large fern frond with dozens of tiny leaves between you and the sun and move slowly back and forth. In real life, the incoming sunlight will appear to flicker and flare around the edges of each leaf. So too, in Crysis.

The screens look awsome. :yes:

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Looking forward to Crysis, the new video that has come out is exceptional.

If its alright I would like to make one correction. Crysis is not a sequal to Far Cry, it is a new IP.

Edit: It is odd though to see the Xbox 360 , since Crytek is not making it for the 360.

Edited by Suli
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Edit: It is odd though to see the Xbox 360 , since Crytek is not making it for the 360.

It's just teamXbox foolishness:

The game is currently scheduled for release on the PC but we expect CRYSIS to follow the same path the Far Cry series did with Instincts.

Despite the different publisher, and this's technology being very PC-centric. :rofl:

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Go to the HD Trailer.... Most of it looks very much like real life. This is a NEW trailer got released the other day at GDC

It's impressive, but not anywhere near real life. It just looks like a videogame with really nice lighting, and some well textured jungle bits.

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"Tech demos are great, but let's see how it plays."

Definatly, I may be over excited about the graphics and physics, but I want them to come through on the gameplay aspect. Chances are My machine wont give me those graphics (Close but no cigar), so gameplay is important. Cant wait to see what the do for Multiplayer. (Not that I have time to play anymore).

I had posted int the Crymod forums how i really didnt expect graphics to move this far forward already. I figured we had about 2 more years before this stuff. I am interested is seeing it up close some day.

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I had posted int the Crymod forums how i really didnt expect graphics to move this far forward already.  I figured we had about 2 more years before this stuff.  I am interested is seeing it up close some day.

Yeah, if those visuals hold it is a huge leap over anything else being shown today. To me, there are 2 main things to look at:

1. The obvious extremely high visual quality

2. More importantly, the dynamic nature of everything

You can usually have one or the other, but never both. I don't usually get sucked in by these things, but that video definately has me paying attention. :)


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Despite the different publisher, and this's technology being very PC-centric.  :rofl:

I'm not really sure if they stay PC centric. Look at their Jobs Site

They looking for console staff esp. Xenon, PS3.

Graphics Programmer


    * Maintain (optimization, adding new features) the existing CryENGINE 2 graphics system.

    * Assist in porting the source code from PC platform to the new gen console platforms (Xenon, PS3).

    * Assist in design of the graphics system and/or the animation system for the new gen console platforms (Xenon, PS3).

    * Develop and maintain the graphics system and/or the animation system for the new gen console platforms (Xenon, PS3).

Crysis will be cross platform I think.

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Cevat said in an Interview that they are working soley on PC at the moment, but they are developing the CryEngine2 to support Xbox360,PS3, and PC.

PC and 360 are "similar" codebase. PS3 is developed seperatly with seperate code base.

I am sure if it is succesful we will se a version on consoles.

Anyone here gonna be at E3?

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