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Need for Speed - Pro Street


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So, Carbon really turned the NFS series around after the amazing(at least it was for me) Most Wanted, NFS will once again make a turnaround.

Last week the first teaser for the next NFS-title has been released, with the date of may 31st in the end.

Now, three days before the official announcement 4 screens(obviously scans) showed up here with some first information on the game. New engine, new handling - no more arcade-style(which I honestly do not believe) and the cr**y autosculpt is going to return.

The first two things sound very promising to me, beside of the amazing graphics this game seems to offer.

More info sure will come with the E3 and hopefully a demo won't be far away, I really want to try that game. :yes:

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Well, it's out now. Anybody around here had a chance to try it?

I've had a quick play with it. I can't get over how awful the menus are. They couldn't have made them more annoying and confusing if they tried. ugh. I can't be bothered to custmoize any cars too much because the interface is so awful.

other than that, it seems kinda... strange... to drive the cars. Physics are odd, but, it might just be because I'm using a keyboard. (normally I play GTR and nkpro with my old formula force). And there aren't any replays... ######.

however, being a car nut (I can spend days looking at the pictures in EVO magazine), I can forgive all of these flaws because it's got so many great cars. Porsche GT3 RS, M3, NSX, Skyline R34, RS4... the list goes on. It's a pitty that some of the best cars (like the RS and McLaren F1 ) aren't finished. They're kinda half in the game and sometimes it ain't pretty (the Aston DBR9 has 140bhp and drives like a civic!) Anyway, it'll keep me amused for a little while until GT5 I guess.

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Played the demo - a poor try to combine "cool tuning" with a bit more difficult handling. Funny thing is, this kind of handling was standard in the first NFS titles and now it is announced like it would be something special.

Anywho, a very poor game that has not earned the right to be called Need for Speed.

I'll stick to Test Drive Unlimited to have fun with tons of cars whilst driving and hope, that Need for Speed will return to its roots - though we all know, that this will never happen. ;)

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