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Operative arm skin tone

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I recently made somewhat a "contractor" look texture for GR.

Anyway i got the idea from the TV Series Jericho [RavenWood].



Click to Enlarge

I'm having problem with the arms of our African American brothers.

I want them to have the same skin tone as their faces. But i don't know

how or what to do to make the arms change skin tone on who ever i


So i decided to put caucasian skin tone instead.

Anyone know what i should do so that the African American operatives

in GR will have their arm skin tone same as their faces when i choose them?


Thanks in advance. :D



Here's the rest of the textures, in black shirt with pants untucked and tucked in boots.






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Hey Monty, nice skins ! :thumbsup:

There's 2 possible solutions.

1. Make an extra chr + skin for african american soldiers, where the arms are in a darker skin tone. Then you have to change those .atr files where the faces have the prefix "icg_blk" (=black) and apply that extra chr to these .atr files.

2. This one is easier. Element11 has done the Island Thunder rifleman with the boonie hat removed. IIRC it is in the download section here. The model takes the arms texture from the character's face texture, not from the skin, so a white soldier will have white arms and a black soldier will have black arms.

Hope this helps.



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I know this isnt an answer but everytime I see your tan skins I love them lol.

Any way you could share them? They look awesome (Although black shirts looked a little out of place to me, what about all tan? or all tan with 3-color desert pants?) :).

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Thanks man! I think i'll stick to #2. hehehe!


Thanks! Honestly i don't know how i could share

the stuff i make. If you guys can tell me, i'll be glad

to give it away. I was able to upload one mod in the

past, but with help.

All tan? Like the shirt, vest, gloves, pants & boots all in tan color?

Actually i was planning to make the vests in Coyote, but i dont know the color parameters in Photoshop for Coyote.


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Hmm.. Well you could put the skin mod folder into a Zip file using Windows I think or WinRAR or 7-Zip. Then upload the Zip file to the internet using Rapidshare.de, www.sharebigfile.com/ , www.4shared.com/ and etc.

I could go into more detail but its 5 AM.

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