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Tomb Raider Anniversary

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The 10th anniversary TR game is out, which basically recreates TR1 on the Legend engine. Just finished the demo and it runs and looks great on a mid-range rig.


The 3D graphics running on a Voodoo1 card in TR1 was what brought me back to PC gaming 10 years ago, and TR Legend was one of the last games I actually played from beginning to end.

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WOW!!! :blink:


Yeah, massive... rocks on the walls. Looks great ^_^

I'm thinking about getting this game. It's quite cheap (in Sweden) and the puzzles where tougher than in the Legend-demo. I never played the original Tomb Raider so why not try the remake.

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I for myself already ordered it for 24euros. Guess that'S accepatable. I played the original Tomb Raider about 10 years ago when it first got released, so it will be nice to refresh some memories. Also I enjoyed Legend, because it is always nice to see something different from time to time (besides the perfect girl-friend) in PC-games. :thumbsup:

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