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GR:AW 2 Preorder

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' date='May 22 2007, 01:36 PM' post='466327']

I don't know about the date, but there are definitely 2 new screenshots (but you can't enlarge them). Although by no means a jungle, the top one does look wooded.

Here is a new one from 1up.


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Already posted (UK link looks to be in French).


http://shop.ubi.com/Prod_ExtDesc.asp?catalogid=565&id=21 UK.

' date='May 22 2007, 12:58 PM' post='466394']

I see they replaced the wooded SS that was there earlier today with an image of the shirt. Too bad!

Well, here is the new SS that was in place of the t-shirt:


That was a nice screenshot too. :( Just wish you could have enlarged it.

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