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need a bit help with the editor


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hello guys

first of all hello to everybody , i m new here :hehe:

i have been reading some posts but didnt find anything what i m looking for

if some of my questions are allready answered somewhere please give me a link 0:)

so here we go

i´m makeing a [GR] map in the moment, and have a bit trouble with the editor and some questions.

1. my map is laging like hell in the editor when i go on the human layer(7 fps)

is that normal when u put a lot of ai in it?

2. the editor keeps on crashing in the moment

is that becouse the map is to big and to mutch stuff on it?

3. is it possible to make more than 1 spawn zone and activate / deactivate them in the script?

example, u reach a area in the map, alpha will deactivate and bravo will be the new spawn zone?

4. is it possible to deactivate enemy groups?

example, <element type="DeactivateGroup" group_id="street sniper 1.4" start_time="1"></element>

and when its working how is it with random groups

5. what does the option with the cube mean when u export it?

6. what could be the reason that my map allways crashes on the start of the 2nd round?

there is no error msg, it crashes to desktop

7. is there a list somewhere with all possible script comands?

i hope u can help me out a bit

thx a lot in advance allready

and excuse my bad english, its just my 2nd language

regards Blind

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