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Landrover Field Ambulance


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Thought i would start a new thread, as its not a Civi vehicle :whistle:



I have finished the modeling and the texture, so it been sent to Tinker for some :whistle: tinkering lol :rofl:

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This has taken ages to get into game, but i have so many errors?

Bad Co-ordinates [-1,#QNAN,-1,#,QNAN]in Node [body]

I have to except this error 282 times each and every export, which is hurting the click click finger a touch. :o

I think it is the texture mapping, but am not sure.

Any help at all would be appreciated., as i have had this with another vehicle and need to understand were the problems are arising from. <_<


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:D made a few minor changes but its finaly in game and working. it can be scripted to carry nine ppl and the rear doors open with the same key you open standard doors in GR :thumbsup:


showing front seats


showing rear seats



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I hate to sound at all negative, but I assure you, this is a critique in good faith:

First off, beautiful model. Very clean. I mean really clean. When did you ever see a Land Rover that clean? ;)

I wonder if the texture shouldn't see a bit of distressing; nothing serious, just a hint of the road on it in logical places.

Otherwise, it's a bangup job from both of you gents!

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Thanks guys and yes it is a bit clean but its only my second vehicle so im still learning. I didn't even think about the clean look untill it was finished and in game :wall: never mind a may reskin it when i have finished the other vehicles i have on the go. :rocky: The Scorpion Light Tank was the same i did the first skin and it looks to clean so i have re-skined it with a used look :yes:

Scorpion Tank

And agian a BIG thanks to Tinker for exporting the models for me and pointing out all my mistakes :notworthy:

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Well Hammer - you know when I said it was too perfect before.....well now it is absolutley perfect. Has just the right amount of worn look.

And I mean I've checked it out in game - spot on.

:thumbsup: thanks

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