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need help for using x-fi, for those with this device

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Ok guys, I got the x-fi but I dont know what the best setup is and while i could try each setting on and off since the load times take forever, this would be such a hassel.

For those using the cmss surround, what do u use? Stereo surround? If so at what level? i use it at 50% on the bar.

Also, for the crystallizer where do you place the bar setting at?

And for the bass redirection what do you do? is it on? or do you turn it off? If on where do you put it.

Remember, for each game these settings can help or hinder, so im looking for specific settings for the game GRAW, not general settings that people use and dont bother to change at all.

Please help me out!!!

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anyone use the x-fi card with this game? If so what settings do you use for this game with the card?

do you use stereo surround or xpand? and at what level?

Same with crytallizer

same with bass something something

do you use those and at what levels. do you recommend any other specific changes? x-fi has such crappy software its a pain to figure out what all the settings mean and how to use them.

they're all different for each game depending on how much sound utilization is being made for the game.

and sound is very very important for graw MP@!@@@@

[Merged with your original thread - Please try to stick to one thread for this subject, no need to spam the forums with multiple threads in multiple forums]

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I do.

I use Stereo with my plantronics non 5.1 sound card.

I leave bass on the default.

Crystalizer has little effect.

Make sure it's in Game mode.

Don't use SVM ( not at home now so i may have the abbreviation wrong)... in Graw 1 it would amplify the backgound noises and you couldn't hear shots and in game foot steps clearly.

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I did a copy & paste direct from creative uk soundblaster forum and this made the sticky...

"PC Games

PC games usually use technologies like as EAX to create surround sound, not Dolby Digital. So even if your speaker system has a Dolby Digital decoder, it will be of no use when playing games. The EAX processing is done on the soundcard, and the 6-channel sound is output via the analogue (or digital DIN if available). So you still need analogue connections to your digital speakers for games, if you just use an optical/coax cable you will only get the front left/right sound".

Some techno music guys & gamers meaning on the creative forum, some members say that basicaly if you have 4.1 or 5.1 or higher speaker system then enable EAX in Creative Audio Control panel and of course in the games audio settings, because according to that sticky tech support EAX is the only way to get surround sound from a Creative sounblaster audio card. If you have (like me for example) a 2.1 speaker system (i have the creative THX Digital 2.1 spkr system) then it is pointless using EAX and you get some more frames per second back, but you will have to be the final judge on that. I have experimented and i think i prefer to have EAX in control panel and in game settings enabled, because surely with EAX you can get the occlusion, environement sounds etc i thought that's what EAX does but apparently that aint so, EAX is only for a type of surround sound with multiple speaker systems. I find it confusing.

So basicaly the less option you set in control panel and in games audio settings the better it is for framerate in games, because i guess the less the souncard has to do.

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