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Reserve your GRAW2 Demo now

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I am a subscriber to fileplanet but because I don't want to insall the fileplanet download manager, seeing as how I don't need it to download from fileplanet, I am going to just wait until it's released and download it. I don't need it the very second it's released.

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This could follow the same route as the Beta.

Available only to paid subscription, for a set period of time.

If Ubisoft have an agreement with this network for servers etc and files, it would be the case they recieve priority.

If so its not a good way to treat your client base, next we will see pay to play, like many other games.

The final product will be the goal not the pr fiasco.

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Actually all the reserve allows for is so that FP subscribers will automatically begin download when the file is available. Other than that and the fact that subscribers get "no-wait, high-speed" servers to download from, there's no difference than if you downloaded it as a non-subscriber.

On my Download Manager reserve slot it says "Est. date available: Wed, June 20, 2007"

It's not too far away...

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Yeah saw the June 20th date also and was like why would they put it up a month before it's available? Well that is about a week before releaes, which is what I and many others guessed. Given what it says on the DL manager is more than likely just a guess on their part also. :unsure:

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