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[Looking for] Desert Boonie Hats

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im working on a small, personal Mod for me and a few Coop friends. Im searching for Desert Camo Boonie Hats, but dont want to DL a 100mb Mod (ISDN victim).

Could anyone be so kind and load up or mail me (Daimaju@gmx.net) 1-2 different desert boonie attachments? (*.qob and *.rsb file)

I tried the "att_cuba_alied_boonie_06_alt.qob" but they stay white ingame...

Thx for any help,


PS: the hats should fit the Marine Force Recon camo...

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Just a note.

If they are white in game, then look at your IKE.Text File in the Ghost Recon main directory, it should tell you which rsb is missing. Copy paste into your windows search and find! However, if you have IT activated, it should find it anyhows i think?

In this case you need: ica_us_support_body_cuba.rsb Found in MP2/Character/Allied Folder

Element11 kindly donated some free stuff, included is a Boonie: http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...view&id=433



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