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Team Mission

ReapeR eXe

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Can anyone tell me why Team Mission is so poor?

I had such high hopes for this game mode but all it has turned out to be is a weak version of territory with an extract point.....!!!

Give us an actual building or structure to capture or defend....give us some actual intel to locate rather than highlight it with a big glowing green square.....if I sound bitter its because I am.

Team Mission is weak...........where is a bridge for us to defend or hostages for us to rescue and secure.......where is any tactical gameplay.............I am not crying for FPV with weapon or going back to [GR]....just better gameplay!!!!!

And don't get me started on these next gen graphics when we cannot even get a map with rain.......remember peninsular in the rain......remember Bridge with the sudden strikes of lightning......come on fellas......even my little brain is bored.

GRAW fan but getting cynical in my old age........ :wall::P

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