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Civilian Vehicles?

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Has nayone in the last year created any civilian vehicles that can be used in mods? I am particularly looking for a luxury sedan like a Mercedes or Rolls Royce. Anything like that would be great.

I can also use any other extra civilian vehicles if available...vans, trucks, cars, etc.


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Thanks, Tinker. I'll take you up on those civie vans. I appreciate all the help I can get.

Does anyone know of anyone who is still doing helicopters? I'd love to have a Russian UAV for one of my missions. I need a way for the player to be found by friendly forces after his radio goes down...it would be a perfect solution.

1 Quad-Bike working in game if needed. Carry`s a passenger.

Also a skateboard :shifty:

Working on Basic civvy vans too, if i get them done, your welcome to use them also, if needed.


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You are the dude! Thanks. Yes, its exactly the sort of thing I need. In one of my missions I need a luxury sedan (or a limo) to seat four Chechen mafiosi, including the target for an ambush. All I need is for it to behave similarly to a jeep, shoot the driver through a window and it stops and unloads the passengers.


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Its looking great. I can't wait to see how it looks skinned.

:blink: Ok so here is the new version with intera :thumbsup:


:( Had some issues trying to skin that one ??? I cant quite figure it out at the moment ...

So i did another 1 :rofl::blink:


And with the roof removed to show the seats


Hopfully i should beable to skin it tommorow :wacko:

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I found the missing link! Been trying to find my problem all day. The damn vehicle, or any vehicle i have here, all bounce all over the place in game. <_< Replaced all helpers several times over... :wall:

All i had to do was move the vehicle up to meet the center grid line! :lol:

So were in business at last. :whistle:

This vehicle needs retexturing and is ready for game, as i have the textures, i will put them on later and have another peek, or maybe take it for a spin around the MBC! :P



p.s. It needs scaling down a touch too.

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