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Additions and enhancements over the 360 version

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Here are some of the most significant differences between the two versions, headed by the expected motion sensitivity-

* Sixaxis compatibility- controller features used for Mitchell & Cross-com control

* SP- drive the supports (drone, M.U.LE) with the Sixaxis functionality

* SP/MP- change Mitchell stances with the Sixaxis

* SP- change the Rules of Engagement with the Sixaxis

* Consistency increased between SP & MP- Scope, Movement, Aiming

* PS3 specifics adaptation of controls- Menus, Shoot button

The new version will also feature 14 additional maps (bringing the grand total to 32), 32 new "adversarial multiplayer maps" that support up to 16 players, added weapons and character customization options, a brand new optimizing re-spawn system, new female operatives and "hundreds of fresh game mode options." And for those of you who prefer to play with a pal, you can expect two new Co-op Modes - "Evasion" and "Exfiltration" - with 6 missions each.


Source: Full article

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Nice work finding that article. I have not been able to find jack squidly.

I just played the PS3 demo. it felt pretty good and its prolly gonna feel even better when i replay it with my new PS3 mouse by Splitfish.

but I was a bit disappointed that it was 720p (the demo). I am wondering if the game will support 1080p too when it is final or if 720p is it? Know anything on that?

Also, do you know if coop can be true 4 player? or is coop only 2 player?

Do you know if coop can be split screen and online both? or just one or the other.

They also talked about some new coop modes. But do we still get the entire singple player campaign in coop as well?

UBI sure knows how to limit their press, right up to release.

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Just got the PS3 version of the game a few days ago. Seems like a good port, but the aliasing is really bad in this version and the performance of some multiplayer maps leaves a little to be desired.

Also had a bunch of online issues, be it getting into a game, basic online performance, or just the game kicking me out and logging me off the PlayStation Network. It's definantly the game since I play Warhawk and Resistance online with no problems. A much needed patch could fix up the aliasing issues atleast and some performance problems.

Hopefully Ubisoft has another map pack of two in the future for the PS3 version. It'd be nice to get the rest of the missing original GRAW maps/co-op chapters on the PS3 version and a few more remade classics.

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