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NEW MAP -- MoonDog Bay


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Moondog bay was made about 10 weeks ago and has been on play at BDA for that time.

DESCRIPTION : Moondog bay was a map made for a member & good friend of the BDA who is no longer there, I've made this as a tribute to him and I hope you get as much fun out of it as we all do at the BDA. This is a medium/large sized map with multi levels and various close quarters play. I'm sure you will love it as an Assault soldier or sniper, the map is in full daylight and suits all.

KNOWN ISSUES : In TDM & SIEGE there is a point or two where you can do a slide and get to a area not ment to be played, this is a map glitch and was removed from DM & HamburgerHill but still is with TDM & SIEGE. Play fair.Other than that, the maps were tested for over 8 weeks on www.thebeerdrinkingassassins.com.

NOTE: In Deathmatch mode there is an easteregg entry to access all of the map, this is not a bug, it was added, have fun trying to access it, or catch me on TS and I'll tell you how.

The map was PM'ed to ROcky today and should hit the GR.net archives soon, but till then you can download it from



README (the read me is inc in the zip as moondog bay.txt


picture link



Thanks for looking


p.s. And yes if Graw 2 is not a total flop and it supports the old Graw 1 maps like this one,

I will start converting them to [GR] mode :santa:

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