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GRAW2 MP Demo due June 7th

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Does this mean Grin can start to speak now ?


Our tounges are slightly less tied now...

I hope as many of you as possible have managed to download and install the demo.

Here at the office we've had people online on and off for the greater part of the afternoon.

Oh, and after reading through the thread - sorry about the map being Calavera ( I know you guys playing the Beta has played that alot)... Can promise you a whole bunch of really good maps (and game modes) though in the release and I suggest people play some good old fashioned [GR] Coop (some of those maps are really deadly so you'll need to be either very very good or have 11 trusty team mates.

Personally, I just love playing through the campaign in Campaign Coop - something I heartly recommend.

Cheers to all!

(And watch out for those gun nests!)


Lead Mission Designer



(...and I'm gonna go and buy me a copy on the release day!)

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everything is awesome and all, but

the installers need to be somehat optimised. I don't know if my computer totally bugged out or something, but installing the game and the patch took nearly as long as downloading the demo file.


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lmfao this thread had 12 pages at 6:58 now at 12:49 theres 21 freakin pages

wonder if meh rig will handle this its already decked out that its not even funny :rofl:

lol the installer is in french? brimstone..help?????

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Man, those of you in the US need to get something straight. We are on daylight savings time and not standard time. When writing time out it would be 12PM EDT not EST which happens during the winter months. :wacko:

For those who aren't sure of the time difference, it is 5 hours between the east coast of the US to the UK, so we are -5 of what ever the UK is.

For those who can't understand the 24 hour clock, subtract 12 from whatever the time is and you will havec yoru answer.

This ends today's lesson. That is all.

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I hope there will be a way to enable more respawns... Getting TKd a lot (as always), I have to constantly watch my back from both my team and the enemy. It would be nice to have control over respawn limit for TDM...


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So I downloaded the demo and played the last 1+ hour. I really had a blast, but I was quite dominating...must have been because of the beta(Guess won't happen again). :rofl:

Besides the MP-demo ran really VERY smooth compared to the beta....now a SP-demo and I will definetely buy this game. ;)

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