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[using guns from Graw2 in Graw1 ? ]

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What are the chances of being able to use the new guns from Graw2 in Graw1?

It would most likely be illegal unless the user owns both games and he'd then have to do it himselve as distributing it would also be illegal as it can't be garanteed that only users who have both games can get it and so on...

Just like with the SOAF maps and GR.

Besides those issues, it all depends on how much is changed in the implementation.

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Sorry :rolleyes: I meant legaly, say with Ubi's and Grin's permision. You know, you still have Graw1 on the hard drive and when you load up Graw 2 it gives you the opion of implmenting the new guns into Graw 1's weapons load out screen for you to use in Graw1. I would love to use HK M416 in Graw1 and the g36 and so on.

So, once againg sorry for not making myself clear first time around. :thumbsup:

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Why on earth would you do that?

Ubisoft should be asking me for permission to do things after the mess that Vegas was :D

So far the implementation of weapons in screenshots looks basically identical (did they add variable zoom for the Leupold CQ/T on that Beretta Abortion or whatever it's called?) and the graphics engine looks much the same so I wouldn't be surprised if the weapons were compatible with some modding.

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Why would it be illeagal? Not sure I understanmd that...

Wouldn't it be a mode just like any other mod?

It would be illegal as taking parts of a game out and making it available to people who hasn't bought the game is illegal.

Modding isn't illegal as you're not redistributing original content.

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