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Goodbye Everyone

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Hey guys... Long time no see. I havent posted in a long time here. Just came back to say a final goodbye. Im sorry to announce my early retirement from the GR scene. GR is a great game and has a great community... Certainly the best game community i have ever been a part of, and before leaving i just wanted to say goodbye to a few friends that ive met through this game... Ive never seen a community so willing to help others in getting into modding. When i first started into modding GR, i stumbled upon this place. Yeah i missed the early years but i was here before GR2, GRAW, and back in the day whenthe forums were green and only green :) . Everyone was so quick to answer the most simple questions and because of you guys i LEARNED 3ds max, and i cant thank some of you guys enough, and im sorry i didnt give as much back as id liked to have... I WANT to finish my WW1 mod but i just cant.. I dont have time to do it by myself, and IMO, i just think things have changed... People left, new people came, and its just not the same anymore... Theres so much ambition and so much potential here, its just lately ive noticed that everyone is so busy trying to make their own things (which is perfectly okay) that no one is interested in teaming up to make a mod. Not only this but the frustration in where the GR series is going with GR2 and GRAW, it just dosent do much for me. Ghost Recon is a great game but you can only play one game for so long. Well, I just wanted to thank everyone and say a final goodbye, as this will be my final post... Anyone wanting to keep in touch over MSN just PM me...

Thanks for all your help over the years to all the [GR] modders, youll know who you are...

Long live Ghost Recon, It certainly outlived my interest, and it dosent look like its goin anywhere soon.

Goodbye :)

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it's always sad when people decide to say goodbye, but things happen in RL and

other factors too.

i hope this leave is not for good, though it might seem so now. never say never :shifty:

take care and hope things are well with you m8. :thumbsup:

best regards/ ingeloop

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