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The Golden Triangle - Development Thread

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The Golden Triangle - Operation: Powderburn

The Golden Triangle, comprising of three nations in Asia, is one of the world's largest producers of Opium and Methamphetamines. Responsible for the production and export of thousands of tonnes of China White (98% pure grade heroin), and tonnes of Methamphetamines, and responsible for feeding the addictions of most Western countries, the international community has decided to send in the Ghosts on a covert operation. Their mission....to bring down the Asian Drug Lords in the region and suppress the production of these illicit and devestating narcotics. Weapons Ready?

I am hoping to set this up as the mid-year 2007 COOP Tourney, in much the same vein as the Behind Enemy Lines 2007 Single Player Tourney. The production is still in its early days, however, the plans, splash screens, maps, and mods have been chosen and one mission is just about ready. I intend to put together at least 5 but hopefully 7 or 8 mission all with points issued for objectives completed. In the BEL tradition, the goal is to utilize all of the properites tha tmake GR so enjoyable - stealth, firefights, sniping, explosives, recon, timing, intensity, as well as, spectacular misions on amazing custom-built and original GR maps. Custom-made skins and weapons are also an integral part of the campaign. I will need time to put it together, but I guarantee it will be worth the wait.


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thanks Greg, and thanks to CC for offering skinning support.

did some beta testing of first two missions today with Jay - the ai are responding beautifully, the atmosphere in the maps is spot on, the sky and fog are just right to prevent glow in the dark chrs in nv.

v excited about this project.

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Fourth Mission is now in progress - still in the early stages but I already know it's going to be a cracker with a nice special effect thrown in.

AS much as there is an art to scripting good missions, I feel so priveldged to be able to use the amazing Modded maps that have been produced to allow me to do my specialty.

First the CentCom maps, then the Winter Wilderness, and now the YOTM and a WOI Pacific Theater Map - all spectacular.

Also the weapon packs from CentCom, BlackOp Vehicles, Objects etc etc - so damn lucky.

Can't wait to bring this Mod to release...will be a showcase of our amazing modders work.

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May 19 2007 -

Mission 5 is basically finished - having some graffix card issues which is slowing me down a lil, but fortunately still managaed to get this Mission sorted.

Also went back and looked at the Campaing plans to make sure it wasnt too repetitive and followed a good story from start to finish. Tweaked a few things here n there.

Everything on track - but still a long way to go.

Lighty out.

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Have decided to settle on 7 Missions - commencing work on Mission 6 this week. One map that many of you may not have used before.

Just remember - the MIssions are very early stages - a lot of refining to do..but the Campaign moves forward steadily.

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Well guys, after grinding away at this Mod for what seems like forever - its almost done. For those who weren't aware, I have moved the Topic - link above.

If you have a Team to play in this Tourney, head over to the new thread and sign-up, this will be a blast. I have made the missions fresh, exciting and most importantly fun to play. You WILL experience things in this Mod that you haven't encountered before in GR. And I have tried to include the works of as many modders as possible as a tribute to the GR Modders.

Hope to see you there, or if not try the Mod in your own time....I'm sure you'll love it.

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I dont want to give away too much with the SS - as you can probably understand.

I will try to post a few more without revealing too much sensitive - I have actually released some in the Tournament Thread - check page 1 for the Link to it.


Screenies pls

Also, will there be tanks to Bust?



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