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Teammate AI = dee dee dee

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Damn...this game has some really poor AI. Snipers rushing in to storm multiple enemy gunners, teammates not using cover, and huge pathfinding issues.

Example: I'm up to mission #7 (on hard difficulty), I leave AI behind me cos they get shot all the time and then order them to fall back but they won't do it. Then I have to go 1 mile back, and move them around because they cannot find path to me. Also, I order them to move to a certain point (move command) and to ###### stay there but no...one of them always goes beyond the designated location and eventually dies.

This game would kick major butt if not for AI issues. :wacko::wacko::wacko::wall::wall::whistle:

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You should try multiplayer, some of your teammate will make the AI look like Chuck Norris.

When was the last time you had a friendly AI snipe you while you were sitting still? <_<

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As with every game there are giltches ..haha!

The way i see it is ..you are part of a four man fireteam (close combat) well i'm sure grin mentioned in game that it's best to keep your lads at least 30 feet apart ( depends on / in the area or zone i guess?)

I press tab key and very often use the tac map for tactical precise placements of the team members and it works very well, also i use the quick commands, again that works well too (glitches aside hehe).

I find often the team ai is awesome, i like to place a grenadier (usually i choose kirkland although any will do) and watch them through the cam take the enemy or vehicles down using the grenade launcher ..superb.

There are many times i have experienced in graw game, the team will watch out for you & save you from a bullit in the brain.

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Did you patch? The AI are better in later patches.

It's also always best to keep your lads at a distance from the enemy. Why? Because usually you have a marksman and they don't. Flanking works a treat, too.

Drop waypoints near corners and hard cover and they'll move behind it, especially if you tell them to look in a particular direction.

That's what makes them seem like they have a mind of their own BTW. They stick to cover.

If they stopped moving short of where you told them to go it's either because their path was blocked or they just don't want to amble out in the open. Re-order them and they will.

Ordering the entire team gets you a formation like

. :

With your "1" team-mate at the front usually where you double-pressed "`".

Order them into and around cover and you shouldn't have too many problems as a rule.

Your main hazards are .50 machineguns (which your team do not know how to avoid), tanks, RPGs and Mexican SF snipers. Apart from these exceptions you should find them very competent at turning Mexican troops into chop suey.

Admitedly, I didn't play through on "Hard" so maybe the Mexican AI now has a CoF the size of a pea and scrape your guys from off cover using their newfound bullethoses.

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