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Video of OGR/GRIT features that made GR great.

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Im a regular on GR Jungle Storm for the PS2, along with about 30 other people, and we all agree GR2 and GRAW took a wrong turn somewhere. GR was an original game, but those versions are just another SOCOM it seems. I would love for Ubisoft to re-release the original for PS2 with online play, how hard could it be?

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It is the XBOX version, it does have a few more better cut scenes but aside of that I rather play the PC version of the game

Now Jungle Storm/Island Thunder for the PS2 does have some engine improvements not available to the PC version of the game

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Yup thet guy tried but the content is encrypted so he never managed to convert those maps

Now one of the features I really liked on Jungle Storm was the voice commands

Worked fairly well they have the same system for GR2/SS and R6 Lockdown

Another feature that I really liked was that you can send one of your soldiers in your firre team any where with out using the command

map. you just put the reticule on the ground whet ever you wanted them go and away they went of course the command map was also available.

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