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I got alot of new people plus old ones from here at gr.net added to my friends list.

Anyways GRAW2 screwed up my old account with Deadpreacher by messing up on the servers over at microsoft. So Microsoft gave me a new account - Deadpreacherr - Thats 2 r's in there! Anyways i would be happy to re'add you all again or even add in new people on this new account.

Thanks alot and for the new people i just added i can now play with you on GRAW2. Looking forward to finaly playing with you guys.

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Just rented this title. No instruction manual. :- Wondering if perhaps someone could tell me what I press to roll or clamber when indicated. Can't figure it out for the life of me. The controller and I don't exactly get along to start with. A pure mouse and keyboard guy here so far as first person shooters go. Also, is there anyway to mute all the players in the game at once or do I have to mute each player individually? It's so annoying having to listen to ppl run off at the mouth both during the round and after I'm dead. Often times due to the time of day I have free to play most are speaking something other than English anyway. Please tell me there's a way to mute all players at once. Having to select a player in the pre-game lobby, scroll down to mute/unmute, then back out to select another player is a real pain.

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Yes, you can roll when prone. I think it's Y and the direction you want to roll. Clambering is also done with the Y button when possible. I know in MP you're prompted for it, can't remember about SP.

Leaning is done with the left bumper button and right stick the direction you want to lean. Let go of the buttons, it'll hold that lean. Tap left button again to release.

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Here are the control instructions:

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2


Directional Pad

Up/Down = Give Order. Left/Right = Select Speaker.

Left Thumbstick

Move. Change Stance. Stand/Crouch/Prone.

Right Thumbstick

Aim/View. Change Scope Level.

Click Right Thumbstick

Switch to Scope Mode (When Handling Weapon Equipped with Scope)

A Button

Reload Weapon. Rate of Fire Menu (Hold).

B Button

Select Previous Weapon. Weapon Menu (Hold).

X Button

Toggle E.N.V.G On/Off

Y Button

Contextual Action. Emergency Medical Intervention. Use Fixed Turrets. Open Container. Place Demo Charge. Pick Up Weapons.

Left Bumper

Switch Assault. Recon Mode.

Right Bumper

Switch. Camera. Command Full View.

Left Trigger

Precise Aiming Mode. Hold Breath.

Start Button

Pause Menu

Right Trigger

Shoot. Use Satchel.

Back Button

Tactical Map

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GRAW 2 has a grest 6 mission coop and a ripping DLC of old maps including Mountain Falls and Embassy. I highly recommend GRAW too, it has a goodcampaign and a good DLC. Send me a request when you get Live.

GT: halapalooza

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