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Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare


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Little can be said for other games including COD4.
*cough*..........yes..........but from what we've seen, it does look great and the 'game' seems to be there and certainly in keeping with the franchise. IMO you can't knock or falter CoD on PC. The games are great fun [remember......game?!!]. Both the SP and MP are a challenge.

Remember kids.......this is CoD 4 and not GR!!! :offtopic:

I'll tell you what though...........Activision and IW are taking great lengths to show the kids what the game's all about. Having a dedicated website that's updated weekly with new gameplay, attached forums and competitions. It's not fantastic, but remember Ubisoft's ###### poor attempt at doing the same for GRAW? I can't remember the website , but the more 'Missions' you completed, the more points you earned...blah, blah, blah. IBH, I participated, thinking that if I gain more points I'll earn better prizes, but when I decided in the end to just get a t-shirt [which I'd earned more than enough points for] instead, Ubi had run out of 'em!!!

And..........for the record.........over the years.........Activision's reception and hospitality rooms at E3 have been a damn sight more 'HOSPITABLE' than Ubisofts, and..........their developers at the shows have been very enthusiastic and encouraging when approached by me in both professional/official and as a gaming enthusiast.


No mention of GRIN there BTW.....if you hadn't noticed. :whistle:

So boys and girls...............let's 'DISCUSS' CoD 4 in 'ere.............OK?


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I downloaded the call of duty 2 pc demo last night and gave it a spin and it looked great and ran smooth enough on my pc so i picked up a full copy of cod2 pc today, i just finished downloading cod2 patches, so by the looks of things maybe cod4 for the pc will be awesome with the modern military theme.

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I do wanna say -- you guys know this game is going to be 'arcade', right?

A lot of you talk like you haven't played Call of Duty before, so... The Missions are heavily scripted, you run epicly fast, iron sights come up instantly, shots always hit, even when sprinting, you can take a ton of damage (and then recharge health) and in MP there's very little direct teamwork at all -- usually just a few players happen to be attacking each area at the same time, they move too fast to coordinate.

It's an awesome series, but, I'm afraid a lot of you are going to get your hopes up for a GR style experience, like you did with BF2 and such.

From what I've read, as I've only played CoD 3, is that the health regen thing was new to 3. And yes it sucks! (or was it cod 2 for pc?? can't remeber and im not at home to check.)

You have no reason to fear getting shot when you enter a room, just back out and wait15 seconds and your health is good again. This alone made me stop playing and not finnish the game. It could be hard, but not exiting because you almost couldnt die.

That and the fact that almost every German stood up after 2 seconds from a high calibre rifle round to the chest. Every time! They were easy to shoot, but it became tedious to have to shoot everyone twice.

Hopefully they fix this in cod 4.

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What you just described was what made COD2 awesome. :huh:

Back and forth pace, stylish, immerssive, loud combat -- enemies who didn't go down instantly, but still fell... That's pretty much COD.

No other game has been such an adrenaline rush. After one level I was always like, "Woooooo! MORE!" COD looks like more of the same intensity and I'm happy about it.

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