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New OGR Map - The Island 2


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NEW [GR] Map - The Island 2

Well gang, I just had to do it. Lots of folks were saying the original Island map was a bit hard. Not to mention that sometimes the F15s that are supposed to come in and blow the trucks sometimes didn't at all. That's a server bug.

The bug in the server is that when it plays the same map after the first round, it may or may not run the compositions. This really sucks because a lot of my maps depend on F15s to swoop in and clear the blocked areas so you can either carry on or take a shortcut instead of running the long way back to the fight.

Let's face it, sometimes we are forced to spawn at base, and the long trek back the fight can get pretty old after a while.

Because of this server bug regarding compositions (The thing that contains the F15 bombing run) I found myself with another map ready to go, then another GRIN bug has me back at the drawing board. This time, however, thanks to some postings from Wolfsong and some patient testing I found a way to place C4 on the map.

In The Island 2 you will need to kill either a select amount of enemies, or certain ones, to make the C4 placeholder appear. Once it appears at a road block, you can walk up to it and press X. This starts the C4 timer, and in 14 seconds ... KA-BOOM! And the best part is that you don't need to rely on the server. This is code that GRIN didn't break..... yet! (Sorry GRIN, but you make it too easy to pick on you. :) )

So have at it and enjoy.

Rav :zorro:

PS: There are no snipers in the trees this time. Wonder what certain folks will complain about now?

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We played this map and had problems. Non of the C4 placements would show up. After going around building and clearing it out, they never showed up. We could go all the way to zulu without having any AI show up.

Any Ideas?

Don't know what to tell ya. This has been put thru the paces many times and we have yet to see where the C4 placeholders never appeared.

The only known bug is that the single panhard located to the left might not become destructable as soon as it should, and the C4 goes off, but vehicle isn't affected. Some time later you can notice bullets hitting it. A granade will do the trick.

The first bridge to open up for C4 is on the other side from the spawn base. You need to kill all the groups that rush you as you approach the front of the castle from the rear. There will be some big guns shooting at you too.

If you are going out of the spawn base and trying to go across the bridge just outside of it, then you are going the wrong way. You must go right out of the spawn base and around the backside of the castle, then down the other side.

Sorry you are having problems, but not knowing how you started and where you went I can't help you. Then again, I proably still couldn't help you even if you went the correct way because none of the folks who have played and tested have had a problem.

Give it a go around the backside of the building. You have LOTS to fight before the first C4 ever shows up that allows you to cross the bridge.

Rav :zorro:

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I tried to use C4 when I first started making a map, and thought it was going to work just fine. And it did when I played alone. But when we played on a client server, only the host could see the C4. On a dedicated server, immediate crash upon launch. If you and Wolfsong figured out something since the early posts regarding C4 usage, would you be willing to share that info with us? I really would like to make a mission up with C4 objects, but could never get it to work properly before.

We will try out your map tonite. Been on vacation recently and haven't played anything. I'm sure it's a good one, I liked the first Island map, and if you got the C4 to work, that would be excellent!


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Thanks Rocky.

I started a stand alone server and player to the first C4. Everything was fine. No problems what-so-ever.

Meanoldman, I'll post directions on what I did to get the C4 working sometime soon. Was not off the mark from the notes Wolfsong left, and I was able to do some other things with that info as well.

There is still the bug about the panhard and C4 that is at the immediate right when you exit the spawn base. This is not a show stopper. The game can still be played without it.

I'll be posting a patched version on www.grawmaps.com. It wil be clearly marked. I'll also ask Rocky to post the update as well, and it will be updated at www.onlinegamersnetwork.com soon too.

This is my last map for GRAW one. I'm taking a mapper-break and hope that the GRAW 2 release will be better than GRAW one was, and complete. I'm sure most of us are of the mind that it would be fine to put off the release until it is absolutely ready, than to push it to early.

Keep the feedback coming. I could use a good ego-stroke now and then. w00t

Rav :zorro:

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