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Question ABout Quicksaves & Battle Recorders

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Sorry for my ignorance on the subject, but perhaps some of you guys can enlighten me.

GRAW 2 has quicksaves. Doesn't the addition of that feature mean it should be able to record entire matches? I mean, in order for quicksave to work, doesn't the computer have to track everything at every moment (independent of the camera view) so that when you hit 'F5' (or whatever) it can recreate it later when you hit 'F7' (or whatever)? Isn't a recorder just a bunch of 'F5''s cached somewhere?

P.S. The addition of quicksaves is public knowledge.

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' date='Apr 25 2007, 07:34 PM' post='462511'] That's an excellent analogy. But, does that mean it's hard to make a battle recorder, or easy?

I've never made either one so I don't know, but I would suspect that making a battle recorder that allows an independent camera during playback is more difficult, but it can and has been done. It certainly would require storing a fair amount of information.

Replays in GR only allowed you 3 views from each player (a first person and two third person views) in the game.

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Quick saves in GR are totally diffrent from a replay.

Quick saves can work, or they can CTD on you, depending on the script.

This can probably still happen. Quick save is more unreliable then real saves as they intersect in the missions script at unknown places. This can cause things to not trigger once you reload, enemies to loose their current motivation to move/act, objectives not to trigger and much much more. That is why I'm generally against quick saves. I suggest only using them in as a last resort in any game as they may change the game experience more then people think.

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As is typical, your question and its underlying point got diluted. Its just how threads go.

But onto your point, games that actually have "object oriented battle recorders" are few and far between. But there are many classic examples of them. I do not believe you can make the leap that a qiuck save (or any save system) becomes the backbone for a true battle recorder. A good quality "object oriented battle recorder" is its own premier feature.

An example of a true battle recorder that could be used to not only review tactics but also detect cheating would be one like the one we see in Falcon4: allied force. It is called the ACMI. In that object based recorder, every singple object which is spawned in to the world has its movements and its actions recorded for the exact instant is made that action or went some where. And all objects spawned into the game world can be selected from a list, and then tracked forward and backward with frame by frame VCR like controls. I spend hourws in Falcon's ACMI battle recorder. Such tools are rare indeed and extremely valuable and fun.

What you are looking for is just such a tool. One where any player or any tank could be selected once the video is made, and then take any view from that object (whether it be from their eyes or an outside rotatable view centered on that object etc). To be able to record a battle with that kind of detail and then get detailed options for playback from any object in that world is a major undertaking and not something that can be thrown together. As I said, it is a premier feature for any game and has to be designed up front to stand a chance of actually ending up in the game.

I have never seen an FPS that recorded a battle in the way falcon 4.0 records its battles and I would galdly pay an additional 20 or 30 bucks onto the box price for a realistic shooter that provided this premier and much desired feature.

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I would galdly pay an additional 20 or 30 bucks onto the box price for a realistic shooter that provided this premier and much desired feature.


I would not, sry.


Its OK. My mention of my personal valuation of certain premier features in games was not intended as a competition with you. It is really just about what I love in games but rarely see. :thumbsup:

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