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Your thoughts on UBI Games?

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^ Novalogic is working on a new game based on The Unit. A public statement is due out in September.

Woot that would be my second purchase this year...... the unit rocks, now only to hope they can make a descent game out of it (small team, tactical with all goodies for use, but limited capacity for taking stuff by foot/bit more by car, and no big battlefield like stuff with all vehicles being driven and such)

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For my own two drachmas, I buy a game based solely on the content, not who makes it or who publishes it. That said, I really preferred the support and attention that RSE gave to its consumers Way Back When, and I would've been just as happy to have left the R6/GR franchises in their capable hands. I'll pay for Ubi published games, because, well, I like the games. I have issues with some of them, and some games more than others. What I don't like is Ubi riding roughshod over a given developer and giving the Thou Shalt routine from on high because of the power of the almighty ruble. That's ridiculous. Let the developer produce a quality product the way they want and desire to, give them the time and support they need to do it well and the blessed thing will sell itself. What more could a publisher ask than to just distribute and rake in the profits? Is this so much of a reach? Let the artists do their thing.

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key fox, i agree but i think ubi does not,

we see developers as artists, (atleast i do and you and others as well, but i dare not to generalize here cause of the flack dev teams have been getting from the forums ...)

Ubi sees developers as production line workers, atleast that is how they present them and give them orders, only to be corrected by the market if possible.

and it is like ART,

how many of the general public (all of them) are REALY interested in art ?

look at those people in musea and see them marvel over painings they do not understand, same things go for niche games like "real" tactical sim/games, only the few 0 respawn lovers apriciate it to the fullest

not to say others do not appriciate the game, but they do not understand the ART behind it.

ubi can not have a high name like clancy be niched away, it should be on the front page, so it has to be art as in public art, art that the public can swallow with out too much thought or effort.

and an Artist should know Ubi does not want Artists, they need worker drones to generate income, not thoughts and art pieces that are unclear to the general public.

when dev teams are employed by publishers there is little ART

when publishers are employed by artistic dev teams we get artistic games and value.

though i see a lot of ART in grin on these forums :D

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I'm not a man of many words so i wont right paragraphs of dribble !!

We know what game companies are like nower days there moving towards consoles to make more money and the PC Pips are a after thought and just port stuff over to them !! and UBI is the worse for that really.

I lost faith in UBI after RvS simply as that. No SAD's, no real AC and no real patch support on 4 of the last Tom Clancy games and that’s all down to it simply doesn’t make them money, Consoles are the money maker.

They even ported over the last splinter cell game and it was an abortion on the port over from the 360 to the pc there was uproar.

I'm waiting for Crysis and COD 4 for my next games.

I could go on all day long but we won't because I’ve seen so many threads on this and they go no where.


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