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Ruin's '69 Corvette Progress Thread


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I've just come across this thread (how did I miss it?! :wall: ) - and you are one lucky bloke!

Looking nice so far, is the red the original colour?

Oh, and if we ask very nicely is there any chance of some sort of video or sound recording when you get it fired up? 0:)

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Thanks Dickie.

Red was the original color, but this is a fresh paint-job, not the original paint. I actually prefer it to the old color red. This is a deep red, one that adds some, well, depth to the color. It's like you're looking into a red pool, amazing.

Anyway, I'll post a vid when I get her running. It may be a while, but you all can hear when it happens.

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Yay! A real update!

She's home. Nice and safe, and dead sexy. It was so nice being able to stand back and do a walk around. The paint looks incredible in the sunlight, wow. I'll show you that here in a minute. Anyway...

Yesterday, my goal was just to have it towed up to the house. Turns out, the guy who owns the tow company I always use has a '69 also. So, I got a discount on my tow. :) He also had his driver talk to me about mine, yadda yadda. I mentioned I needed door-panels. He says "My boss has some." Very cool. So, later in the day I drove down to the shop and met this guy, Steve. Steve showed me his 383 stroker '69 that was gorgeous. Has $25K in it, and no interior, yikes! Anyway, we can't find the door-panels. But, while he's looking I start talking to a guy that works in his shop. "Holley?" he says. "I can rebuild that for you. We race exclusively with Holley and have enough parts lying around we don't buy new carbs anymore. We just build our own." Cool. So, today I drop off my Holley for a cleaning/rebuild. Half the price of a new one, and done locally, excellent. Steve comes back. "I can't find them. I may have sold them, but I don't remember doing that. I'll check my other shop and have some guys keep their eyes peeled for them." Also, the guy who's rebuilding the carb does house-calls. So, hopefully by mid-next-week, I'll have him come up and help me install it. After that, it's just some troubleshooting.

Banner day for me. I'm excited to drop off the carb today. I also get to turn in the keys to the storage unit also, which saves me $100 a month, phew.

Okay, enough yakkity-yak, here are the pics.








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Looking good Ruin, it’s also good to know that you’re getting local small business involved; there is no substitute for the level of personal help, one to one.

It sounds like the day is near to spark up the beast, please keep us posted.

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Thanks Guys,

It's going to be an arduous task. But I believe it should happen before the end of the month *knocks on wood*. I'll get the carb back this week, I'll go pick up a battery, blow the gas lines clean, drain and replace the oil and, well, just see what happens. I may need new spark plugs too... ukh.

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4th of July is almost upon us...that can only mean grillin, parades, and hot women in short-shorts waiting to ride your 'Vette. Please no pretty women's head stickin out the window pic.

I prefer to see them "outside" the car...washing your wheels.... :devil:

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I'll do what I can for ya Cpl. ;) Although, I don't pass around pictures of my girlfriend like that readily - or ever. Maybe you'll get lucky and someone else will do it also. :hehe:

Really though... I've been working on this whole... photography... thing. And I've got a few wonderful friends who have agreed to model for me. So who knows.... :devil:

Corvette Update:

Today's mission involves reinstalling rocker panels, headlight assembly, front grille, and have already removed that damned front license-plate holder.

Also - placing an order from Eckler's for some literature and manuals to help me out.

Goal for the end of the month:

Hear a "Vroom vroom VROOOOM!"

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Well, no word on my Carburetor yet. So, I've decided to start piecing the body back together.

I think I have 18 screws, and 4 that match each other so far. I've got two more boxes to go through.

I placed an order with Eckler's yesterday for some literature: Haynes (or Chilton, don't remember) Repair Manual, Repro Owner's Manual, Repro Shop Manual. I also order the mounting hardware for my rocker panels ($10) and got a hat and a key-chain. :hehe: Pics when they arrive.

Figured I'd share.

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Been busy. Been very busy.

I've got the body back together now. Just have one more grille piece to put back on, and then it's all together.

I got a pair of door-panels last night - won them on e-Bay from Corvette America. $300 (includes shipping) for a pair. Brand new they're $450 (w/o shipping). So I think I did fairly well.

Anyway, I'm going to the beach for a few days. Once I come back, the door panels will be here for me to install, and hopefully the carb will be done too.

Once I come back, it should be a very productive week or two.

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Will Do... as soon as she runs.

Just got my door panels in the mail the other day. I've not had time to try and actually put them on. I might do it tomorrow... but, as a teaser for those of you actually reading this, Ruin is off to the Motorcycle Dealership tomorrow. :whistle:

I'm thinking the Vette is going to be a parked project until I return in December and have some more money. The transmission in the Jeep went to crap on me a few days ago, so that's $1200 to rebuild that.

Suffice to say, I might not get this Vette fired up this summer. Might have to wait for the new year.

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No, the dealership is Mr. Honda. Unfortunately, Mr. Bank says Ruin hasn't established enough credit to buy one just yet. So I have to wait a few months. :( So, I guess it won't happen until January, and because of the weather, maybe later.

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Just a little bit of an update...



I'm so ###### excited! Got my carb back yesterday, got a new battery, drained the oil, installed it all myself. And fired her up at 1AM. Throttle got stuck, so I let her sit for the night. Now, after a few tries, and a couple flooded engines, I got ignition and run time! She doesn't, right now, sound like I'd like (I blame MA emissions laws), but I'm still working out some kinks. Once she runs smoothly I'll post a video.

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Success, and damn it feels good.

I got my fuel leak issues sorted out, and now she runs great. Need to fine tune the idle on the carb and I should have that end of things polished off.

Charging my camera battery now to get you all a video. I took some on my phone that didn't seem to save. Odd. Anyway, thought I'd share. :)

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Ahem, well you know... I do what I can. Some talents you just can't learn.

Seriously though, I'm quite glad I didn't have to tear the engine apart. Just some basic mechanical work and I got her going. Still trying to get these calipers off though. :wall:

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So clearly I've been really bad about journaling my progress.

Bottom line...

She's on the road! :D

Here's what I posted over at DigitalCorvettes.com

Finally... after months... no... years of waiting. I took my girl for a drive today.

For those who haven't seen my 69 Vert, or heard about her, I'll give a quick run down.

My grandfather bought her in the early to mid 70s. He had it as a show car for many years and sent it to paint in 99. He passed in 2005 (shortly after my dad) and had signed it over to my uncle before-hand. My uncle said "Take it, he's want you to have it. Get it on the road." The guy who was painting it finished around early March of this year (picture below). We had it towed from MA to NC a few weeks later, and then I came home and got her in the garage early June. That's when I started work (mind you, I've got $900 in the whole thing right now - 700 for towing and 200 for a title). Did all the necessary work, rebuilt carb, rebuilt the entire rear brake system, got some new door panels and some other goodies. Well, yesterday, I finished the brakes, and today I took her for a spin.

This is the first time she's hit the road, changed gears, since 99. This girl drives like a dream. Now, I, being 19, am used to cars with powre steering, so this was an adjustment. She spat and spittered a little as she cleared her throat and really roared down the road. Drove for a while with no problems until I was heading back to the house... clink. Clank. Clink. What the hell was that? Pull onto the road heading to my driveway, pull into a church... my buddy says "You've got one lug-nut holding on your left rear wheel." Lovely. Well, a few hours later... and I'm picking her up from the tire shop... who had to order new lug nuts for $60... oh well. I get them tomorrow and am only headlights shy of being 100% road worthy, which I hope to finish tomorrow.

Final thoughts... I must say, there's not a car like this, nor will there ever be ever again. She purred down the road, in the seats there was a sightly audible "Whoosh"ing of wind as I did... well, I don't know how fast, the speedo is broke... down the road. I could talk quite politely to my passenger as I deafened passer-bys. I had at least every other car look and gawk. "She's gorgeous!" said one man. "First time on the road in almost 10 years" I say... "Well, make sure she stays here. She's too pretty to be in a garage" says he. "I remember wanting one of those as a boy" says an older gentleman. "Wow!" says my waitress.

I'll tell you fellas... we are some blessed individuals to have our gorgeous dames on the road. I feel even more blessed to have a family heirloom at home and on the road. If I bought one of these brand-new, I could easily see her being a DD. She will be before I head to Knox, but after that the Jeep gets fixed and I get a Honda CBR600RR.

Anyway, I figured I'd share.

Thanks to everyone for their help getting her repaired. I'm even more lucky that I, knowing nothing of mechanics until now, got her going with only some internet help and some common sense.

I hope you enjoyed my story... and without and more jibbering from me...


link to image

*Old pic, she is all reassembled now.

Athena: The Greek Goddess of war. Named by my uncle (former Marine) for my grandfather (former Marine), my dad (prior Air Force) and me (Cavalry Scout recruit).

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  • 8 months later...

The work continues! Just got her back from the shop a few days ago. I've been doing some minor work on the side, and even got her some nice new pretty shoes as well.

Anyway, since my last post, I lost the clutch and throw out bearing... and other assorted related goodies. I left for training in Sept 07, so she stayed in the garage while I was gone. Well, now that I'm back, I put my signing bonus to good work. :) I put her in a performance shop nearby for a few weeks, and got the major kinks worked out. In a few weeks, when I go to Camp Shelby for Annual Training with my unit, I'll put her back in the shop and get the minor stuff worked out (wrong spark plug wires, improperly tuned carb, leaky coolant system etc.) The way the throttle was previously attached was a mess. Apparently I couldn't even achieve half open throttle, much less WOT. This thing drives like a completely different car. It's amazing, especially with the new (right sized) wheels.

Getting the new wheels cost more and took longer than I hoped. I decided to replace the wheels because the old Keystone Klassics with their unilug design was terribly unsafe. Also, for whatever reason, I had 255s on those old rims, instead of the standard 225s. So, that had to be fixed, but I needed longer studs the whole way around to hold the new rim on, so all the hubs were rebuilt.

I'm pleased with the end result... :hehe:




For a comparison... the old wheels:


Anyway... thought you all would enjoy. If the weather holds I'm going to give her another bath (the pollen has been ridiculous here... had to wash her 3 times in 4 days!) and take photos later on. Some of the chrome lost its polish while I was gone, so that needs doing. Naturally, you'll be the first to see. ;)

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