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game list is empty?


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Hey guys,

A lot of people seem to be experiencing this problem. In fact, I went over to the ubisoft forums looking specifically for an answer to that question - Many people there, too, are having that problem.

Whilst there seems to be no real anwer from Ubisoft just yet, and Microsoft seem to be sending people elsewhere, a few people have found some solutions which have worked for them.

A few people have said that when searching for a ranked game, rather than having "any" as the maximum and minimum player settings, try setting it to "16" and "2" respectively. This seems to have helped some people get more games.

Failing that, the more common solution is to remove the "Nowhere" map from your downloaded content. Whilst this is more of a drastic solution than most would like - And naturally, it means you can't play that particular map - It means you can at least play other games.

Now I'm not claiming either of these will definately work for you, but it might be worth giving it a try.


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