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USVN is recruiting


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I'm Cobra from the squad United States Virtual Navy (USVN). We have been around since 1999. We have been playing GR since it has been released in 2001. We are looking for team orientated individuals who will absolutely be dedicated to the squad for an extended period of time. We'v continuously had people come and go... It's annoying. We are also a small squad who's foucs is mainly Co-Op play and missions. We use Teamspeak and/or Ventrilo and have severs for both, and we use ICQ messenger and email for day to day communication outside the game.

If you'd like to check us out, you can find our site at http://www.usvn.net.

If you have any questions please contact me via ICQ @ # 333379510.

If you dont have ICQ oyu can download it @ www.icq.com

I Look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in game!

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Here is our semi-monthly bump.

Dracflamloc: Got your post sent you a Pm today. hope to hear from you soon.

To everyone else out there. We, Seal Team THREE, of the USVN is still looking for more shooters. We have opened up our 2nd platoon, and currently have 10 shooters and we play almost nightly. If you are interested and what to see our we conduct business you can join our ventrilo comms and play with us before signing up. Our coms info is listed on our home page at http://www.usvn.net . Hope to see you out there in the battlefield.

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