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Tanks don't shoot


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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here Stalker :) Do you not want the tank to use it's minigun? Then sure, create your own without minigun. It won't use its big gun unless you tell it so. But if it's a friendly tank it won't shoot you at any rate.

Maybe you need to clarify :(

Cheers, Jack :)

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I've been able to script tanks to "fire" the main gun by placing zones on the map where I want the tank to "fire". Then I place effects in the zone to simulate the muzzle flash. You'll have to play with the effect height to approximate the main gun height. Then I script a sound to play when the tank approaches the zone and activates the muzzle flash effect. Then I also script an explosion to occur at a distance from the zone to simulate the shell impact. Or in turn you could use this to destroy a vehicle in sight of the tank by scripting that vehicle's destruction and use an out-of-control fire effect under that vechicle that is activated at the same time. This is a round-about way to achieve the effect but I'm not nearly as proficient as many of the mission modders are, but it will work.

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ok,,here how I would do it

A) in the trigger plans

have a plan that is destroy target " X" you know what I'm saying

(the easiest way to get the target is to use the "view map points" in IGOR and find a nearby point or any point for that matter and use it for "X"

So now you have a plan 12345


destroy target"X"

Now in editing the script

when you trigger "whatever the trigger is"

you assign plan"plan12345 to vehicle"howitzer" and execute

When you want it to stop ,cancel the plan for it .


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