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Coop Respawn ?


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Ok so we just got this game at work, and while we have been playing seperately to learn the controls, we tried coop today. Starts off great, but we just can't seem to get the advanced settings right for the respawn- we just die and that is it. Are we missing something easy here, is our game glitched? We die and it goes into spectator mode- no respawn at all- even with the passage of time. We have set the respawn timer to different settings and forced respawn to different settings with no luck. PLEASE HELP!

Nick and Mike at station 16

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Be advised that you need to play without respawns to earn the Co-Op mission achievements.

Hey Serellan....I'm sure that DLC is on the way.....can you include a host option that allows the host to toggle the 'show objective icons' on or off.......I love playing and hosting games with the IFF off but it becomes such a task to get all players in ther room to toggle the objective icons to OFF.

This function could also prove valuable for clan matches.....when I have the IFF switched ON and the objective icons OFF the players only light up when the reticule is over them.....nice!!!!

GR2 had a feature like this....I think the reticule turned into an X or something like that....thanx!!!

No achievement for completing all missions with IFF off on hard difficulty with objective icons OFF, no drones and all squad members that started the mission finishing with no wounds...? What gives.....lol

One random player joked that we are lucky to even get weapons in Reapers room....lol

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