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ArmA Demo . US version

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I had tried the euro demo and quickly unistalled it before, so thought maybe by now some of the problems would have been iron'd out.

Not much changed.

Still dated poor performing graphics.

Does the full version still have unuseable sound? Still the same problem with vehicles and snipers half a mile away sounding like there right beside you, drives me crazy.

If the full has these issues fix'd, I would be shocked that they would release a new demo thats still badly screwed up??? :blink:

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Yeah, I played the previous demo and thought it still needed work. I have a pretty decent computer and it still chugged even on this new US build. Plus, when I tried to change the graphics they got all weird and the trees got all screwed up. So... they definitely need some work. I mean, the videos look amazing but it just doesn't feel as fluid in terms of motion and aiming as Ghost Recon or Raven Shield does.

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