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Mk12 mod 0 SPR


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Edit: 4-21-2007

v3.0 released

I would edit the title to reflect the release if I could, I don't like starting too many redundant threads.


Full Mod: M4 mod v3.0 - FileFront link

Full Mod: M4 mod v3.0 - Moddb link

Teaser Video: M4 mod v3.0 Intro Vid - FileFront link

v3.0 Additions

This is the third major update to this M4 mod. With each new weapon I have increased the version number to a whole number. In this case, three. The new weapon is a light sniper rifle, the Mk12 Mod 0 SPR - Special Purpose Rifle. It is based on the AR15 recieverwhich all of the weapons in this mod are based on. It is a semi-automatic fire, accurate weapon with a Leupold MkIV Scope and Mil-dot sight reticle. It’s always been a favorite of mine since I first saw it in Ghost Recon2 for the Xbox. I have thought aobut changing th e name of this mod to reflect more then just the M4, but I cannot bring myself to do it and have grown fond of the version numbers for some reason.

Special thanks to Bat21 and Blue for helping test this out in multiplayer.

Mk12 Mod 0 SPR

This is the new weapon system added to the mod. It is a semi-automatic fire light sniper designated marksman rifle.

·20 round mag

·semi auto fire mode

·sounds taken and tweaked from Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

·suppressor attachment

·bipod attachment - increases stability

·custom scope with mil dot ret

·ironsights available but scope is default

·adjusted script so your ai teammates treat the weapon like a sniper rifle

Edit: 4-15-2007 og post

Image Link

Still have to build the bipod. But it will be a visual only attachment. So you can have it on or off depending on what you prefer. Ironsights will actually be selectable, but no one will probably want to use them since it's a sniper rifle. They won't line up anyway, I'm just doing it for texture purposes. The scope will default.

Now if we could just figure out why the M16A4 and attachments is causing hiccups in mp game types. It makes no sense why it doesn't work, everything has a unique id #. Grrrrrrr.

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You can make the Barrett a secondary weapon through some creative XML work. Matter of fact any weapon can be either way.

But yeah the SPR.. Yes please, the Barrett's great, but something like this is needed.

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Still have to texture the silencer and bipod, but I have all of the major parts in the game and working(with new sounds too). Lods and a bunch of other tedious things to do as well. Iron sights are kind of fun to use too. 20 round mag, single shot only(semi-auto), heavy damage - though not as heavy as the barrett.

What kind of crosshair should this thing have:


I was thinking about using the mil-dot. I don't know how to illuminate them like the graw sights, but I might be able to fake the colors at least.

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Just some more eye candy. I have it all in game now, it's pretty fun to use with silencer or normal. The bipod adds a little stability, though it doesn't actually extend, but it is selectable as an attachment. I went with the mil-dot after reading an article about it and what the dots actually mean. Seemed to make the most sense. Still have a list of things to do however.

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Had this in the other forum, but I'm moving it here.


M4 mod v3.0 Intro Vid - file front link

This is the intro video for v3.0 of my M4 mod which brings in a Mk12 mod 0 SPR light sniper rifle. It now features an animation for each weapon. The mod is almost ready, but I'm putting this video up as a teaser. I just want to test a few things in multiplayer before releasing it so that I don't have to do another patch. But minus some small annoying things like hud icons, everything is working for single player.


You could probably changed the ret to whichever one you prefer.

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The new update is almost ready. Had some problems with mp again...looks like 31 is the highest number for mod attachments I think. So I have renumbered and juggled a few things, but I think it's all going to work now. Single player always worked fine. Not sure what the deal is with mp, but is seems to be related to the attachment #s.

The M16 and M4 will be in there. The M16's handguards and attachments have been redone to accomadate the mod_id#s. Not sure about doing the weapons seperate. Anyone can seperate them themselves, it's not so hard. Just culling out the weapons or deleting them in the xml. If there wasn't this attachment id# mp problem, I would have used my own numbering scheme to avoid problems all together....ah well.

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