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stock hh and ogr rerenderd


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whats the deal with extreme eagles? I rendered my version of the cape in team death match and cluttered it up a bit to make it more conduscent to the needs of tdm and all of a sudden, a week later i hear from my team mates that xe has done the same and is hosting them. We need a little bit of respect and communication in this aspect. We are a pretty tight community even with the new guys and we need to work together on who is doing what. For the record i have redone the the cape and not had time to upload it to gr.net however we host it on the core server with the download functioning. It wont be a problem so long as we dont use the same name. In addition we have a public forum graw sticky which lists the core server maps. These are not maps which we play regularly however they are maps that we host for our interclan matches and special 1-2 hour no deathcam events. The purpose of this is to keep us on our feet through new aspects of the game and not by simply relieying om the same old maps that we all know. Our 1-2 hours maps will be the standard [GR] coop maps by grin rerendered in tdm with a few more spawns, or the single player missions rerendered the same way.

We intend to run several hour missions with a twist. That twist is that If we are running a single player mission rendered as a tdm then on team will get a headstart to defend their city, while the other team gets to invade and attempt to capture that city. It will grow tiresome for the new guy however, our intent here is to make this as real as possible. When you invade fallujia and your objective is to secure the city then you can expect that the enemy willl have reenforcemants arriving. Therefore, as you kill enemies then they will spawn and relocate for up to as many spans as we deem necessary through trial and error of this server, probably 6-10 spawns for each team.

We invite anyone to the server new or old (obviously cept those that have been banned), and we hope that you have fun. Remember that if you download these maps while entering the server. that grin is the map maker and these missions havent simply been ported by me and not modyfied in any way with the exception of the span locations.

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Let me get this straight? So if I were to go and make "my" version of a Cape map, then I would be disrecpecting you because you happened to release your's first? Happens all the time in other games with popular stock maps. The better modded ones get played on more servers. I see no disrespect at all.

I think it's entirely possible that someone had the same idea as you. Since you hadn't posted the information here where many people look on as a "Information Hub" if you will it's entirely likely that they didn't know. Heck you are posting here to complain to let the community know instead of just keeping it on your site so you are just re-inforcing that point. They might have only seen your versions when they already had their versions 90% complete. Besides, if they run a different version that has different spawns with hopefully a different name what's the big deal? So there are 2 custom versions of those stock maps. If your's is the better version, more people will play on your server and servers hosting it.

Now if they took your version and modified it further without asking or even acknowledging it (which you didn't indicate in your post) then that might be alittle different - but then again that is almost what you did with the stock map. Albeit you are acknowledging it is a GRIN map.

Just be satisfied with your work and keep making good maps or stock maps better. Then the players will decide where they want to play and which they like better. Don't get hung up because someone else had the same idea as you.

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