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You know what might be a useful small map, a target range. Nothing complex, just a small range with target silohettes at various distances, close, medium, and far. Mainly for testing modded weapons. The most useful version of the map would allow to load in teammates as well to check 3rd person models, etc., would be quick to load and let you select your weapons before hand.

Right now, what I do is load a coop game, wait for it to load, pick the weapon, attachments, etc. Fast rope or unload, bring up the weapon and begin testing. It's not too bad except when you are trying to tweak something such as a custom sight or an objects visibility. For aiming and accuracy, spread, etc, it can be a b!tch. I find garage doors useful for shooting at because they have line and make small bullet holes, cars and vans aren't bad either. Sometimes the bricks are good because of the grid-like pattern, but they make huge bullet marks.

Just a thought really, but if anyone is bored and thinks they might want to make even a quick and dirty range, it could be pretty useful for people modding weapons(i know i would use it). Or even for people who just want to see how each one works differently without playing an actual game or match.

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