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An open letter of appreciation to the GRAW2 forum participants

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When I get hot on a game, I get hot on a game. I am not a gamer who plays 10 games at a time. I typically play 2 or 3 max at the same time, where one of them is 90% (the others for wind down or simple change of pace between breathless attacks in GRAW)

Becuase of this, I tend to flood my favorite forum with the best questions and ideas I can come up with when I'm riding a game hard. And I really enjoy the interaction with the other serious players and thinkers in the genre and on the game. Even when they dont agree with me.

I have many elements to my background, but my main influence is engineering. And as such, I love clarity. I love design. And when I hear an idea that is better than mine and makes more logical sense to me, I feel satisfied ... not out done .... to have my mind "upgraded" and changed. I don't love my ideas. I love good ideas. And when I hear one that I think is better than mine, I'm ready to jump ship.

Currently, I'm riding GRAW1 Hard. and as a result, I am fascinated by the possabilities for GRAW2. Questions that I really wonder about. And I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for engaging them all and trying to build on them and better explain your thoughts to me. I have learned alot about NORG lately as a result of our discussions and I have been reminded of how people who love the same thing can see things very differently. These are healthy reminders.

I am in the Video games industry, and I often bring ideas and thoughts developed in forums just like these to design and QA meetings for clients. You would be amazed how many excellent solutions for clients were born of bits and pieces of ideas, stacked on initial ideas, from players like you all, willing to engage me at length.

So anyway, Thanks to everyone for engaging me on my favorite game right now. And thank you for helping me grow in my chosen field. And check your bandwidth limitations at your ISP. I'm sure I have a bunch more questions and open discussions to go. :rocky: Especially once GRAW2 is released !!!

All the Best,

Glenn "Sleepdoc" Kletzky


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' date='Apr 10 2007, 03:37 PM' post='459382']

I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say "PLEASE FIND A NEW GAME!" I'm just glad you use punctuation & organize your thoughts into paragraphs!

LOL J/K This really is one of the better gaming communities out there.


and yes. writing skills and proper paragrah structure are a must if you really have something to say.

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Go suck on sour lemons and eat worms ... you suck and so does this game!! :rant:

Sorry, I was just trying to be one of those prepubescent, unable to express yourself without making some stupid remark idiot that you find on many of the other forums. I must admit, this forum, the GRAW1 forum and GR1 forum befoer it have always been top notch. A lot of great ideas gathered from some deep thought have transpired in these forums. There is a lot of knowledge and it would be tough for anyone not to learn something new reading most of the posts\threads.

I share similar playing routines to you. I only concentrate on one game at a time. I do not have the time or energy to learn 5 games in 1 month. Therefore, my concentration is now on playing GRAW again in anticipation of GRAW2.

Anyway, nice topic and anything we can do to help. :flowers:

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No prob, sleepdoc, just don't be hatin' on me. ^_^

I look forward to testing das wunderbar game and getting it once its released.

Ja, ja. This place is a whole t3h ######load better than the hellhole we call the Ubi forums.

No hate here man. Just calling you on your insolence and heresy from time to time. Hell. Half my family is insolent. I'm the Heretic though. :whistle:

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