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Setting up a GR:AW game server - what do I need to know?


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Hi guys - apologies for the 'newbie' question...

I am trying to convince my multigaming clan - [RIP] - to give GR:AW a go. We have a few members already interested - but we really need to set up our own server to test out the co-op mode (which is what interests us)...

Our server guys said 'fine' as long as I find out all the info about setting GR:AW up as a server game - so, can I ask you guys....HOW?

Basically, what do I need to get GR:AW on a server - are there any resources or FAQs for this I should look at?

ALso, what about Admin - are there any Rcon/Admin control apps out there you would recommend?

I'd appreciate any advice that you can give, so I can pass it on to our server people!



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:huh: Why go to the cost of setting up a GRAW server when GRAW2 is just around the corner and is a stand alone game so you would then have to set up a nother server for that ?. Plus GRAW2 looks as if it could be of more intrest to the Co-op community :thumbsup:
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