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Church map seems poorly balanced in TDM

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Let me start by saying I love the maps in GRAW. I think they are extremely fun and well designed in most cases, and this post is no big deal. Just curious if others have noticed in the TDM map called "The Church" what I have noticed.

It seems to me that one side has a noticeable advantage over the other side. In part, I think this is becuase the map allows one side to more easily, safely and qiuckly to attain control over some high ground areas that give a nearly global map view of all access areas leading forward from the enemy camp, while for the opposite side, no equivalent situation exists.

Just wondering if any one else sees it the way I do.

Of course, with some hard work and stealth, nothing can me more satisfying than unseating the Bastages from their perch with properly placed nades and sneaky peeky head shots followed by rushing these high ground areas. but it certainly doesn't favor the side that has to accomplish this feat......

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I'm not sure I agree. I think the map is rather balanced. Yes, once the high ground is taken, it becomes very challenging to unseat the team holding it, but there are ways around it, and both teams have an equal chance at attacking it at the beginning. There are ways of avoiding the ramp sniping as well. The cemetery side seems to be overlooked a lot of times, but it is a key strategic point on this map.

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Yeah it's a rush to the top when you spawn, that part is balanced.

The only draw back to the map is the Overpass overlooking the spawn located at the bottom of the stairs

this is one of the maps that make you set the invulnerability up a few more seconds.

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