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In WinXP after you right click properties on My Computer then you go to

advanced and then click on the Setup and Recovery box it will pop up a

window. Then at the bottom of that pop up window there is a Blue topic

called Write debugging Information. It gives me the choices of:

Small memory dump (64kb)

Kernel memory dump

Complete memory dump

What are these and what is the best setting? Does it really matter?

OOh I got another Q also, how can I make WinXP use more RAM? I have never

used it all. I always have over 150MB left and I think that could go to

better use. I have Ram Idle Pro and have told it to make Windows use all

ram or whatever its choice was called but it obviously isn't. Thanks!

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Windows will use ram as it pleases. If you're in the middle of playing a game, and you exit it and pop open task manager, you'll probably notice a large memory increase.

Memory managers can also be more hassle than help. They take processes to constantly monitor the ram as well as occupying ram themselves. Although they clear memory, they don't clear certain parts of the system that are allocated to it and built up over time. Just ditch it and lets windows do it itself.

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