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Will demo work for USA pc's ?

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I have a chance to download the demo this weekend. I have use of a good internet connection. Will the most recent demo work for USA pc's ? I am really looking forward to the release for the full game..Thanks for any help. :D

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Demo works for me. I just downloaded it earlier tonight to actually see how the game is and yea it works. I put screen resolution at 1024x768x32 and most settings at ultra high, except for shadows which I left low. Basicly I didn't really get to test how the game ran as I wanted to do co-op, and unfortunatly I couldn't find any servers that actually did anything. The ONE server I made it in, I was stuck as a seagul, so I left and created my own host just so I could actually play. No one joined my room, and so I was forced to get pwned with my fellow AI team-mates lol. Deffinitly picking up the full version when the money becomes available. Wanted to get it with this paycheck coming this Friday, but unexpected expenses my girlfriend told me about probably will stop me from making the purchase. Hopefully in 2 weeks from this Friday i'll be able to get my ArmA on lol.

Ohyea, if anyone has a decent Demo Co-op server, plz lemme know cuz if this is the best I can get out of the demo, then it wasn't worth the download.

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